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The changes include a new, responsive design featuring extended-hours data and more news. Learn More. Home Personal Finance Moneyish Get email alerts. Now is one of the cheapest times to join a gym. By Nicole Lyn Pesce. Comment icon. Text Resize Print icon. MarketWatch Partner Center. Need I say more?! Those are my favorite types of classes. Then boom! The lights get dim, the beat drops and the sweat drips.

The energy is high, the motivation is strong, and the music, might I add, is fantastic. When you hear a lil Backstreet Boys throwback, and then remixed, how could you not feel alive?!?! Switch is the place to do just that. The more motivation the better, right?

Consider that as you viciously try to make it through this hump day, and purchase your intro offer here. I mean after you make the switch. Sounds like something us New York fitness lovers are just a little familiar with, right? Yeah, neither had I, until recently. F45 is opening their very first NYC studio in none other than the famous fitness district, Flatiron.

Opening day will be March 4th, Founded in Australia, F45 merges high intensity interval training HIIT , circuit training, and functional training to produce one awesome workout. It is designed to help you burn an insane amount of calories in a short amount of time. AKA: it will make you sweat. One piece of advice? Book your classes now, because they will fill up quickly. Did I mention it was free? Judging by your blog, it would be perfect.

My membership is about to be up and I was wondering if you could email me a VIP trial pass so I can try the gym out and see if I want to join? I would also love to check out NYC Equinox. If you need a spec. I am highly interested in joining equinox but I want to try it for a month first. If you could get me a vip trial pass for the gym in palos verdes california I would be so grateful. Are you still able to get guest passes for Equinox? Hey, I just relocated to London on business and would like to give equinox a try before I buy.

Do you think you can send word for a VIP pass? Thanks for the great article and offer to help with VIP passes! Hi, your insight was excellent and helpful. As it would be, I am interested and have been interested in trying out Equinox. Please let me know if you can help me with a trial membership as you talked about. Hi Sher, thanks for all the great info. I would love an Equinox guest pass for West Los Angeles!

Your article was very helpful. I live very close to the Equinox Soho and thinking about joining. Would you be able to get me a free trial pass? Would love a guest pass to the Highland Park location in Dallas if at all possible! Thank you so much in advance. I do not know any members and was hoping to get the trial offer. Can you please send me a VIP trial pass? Hello — thank you for your article! Hi, thanks for the great article. I am thinking about joining the 19th St. Thanks a bunch, Danielle.

Hello, I live in Westwood, CA. Within two miles of my house, there are three Equinox locations. Are you able to provide passes to each or would one pass enable me to experience all three? Thanks in advance for any insight….. Are you able to get me that? It would be greatly appreciated. So happy to find this blog post!!! Thank you for the great info!!! Hi Sher, I would like to visit the Equinox at 63rd st. Is it possible to send me the infer for the VIP trial pass? Good Morning! I would love to try the Brooklyn Heights location and was wondering if you could possibly send me a VIP pass to try it out?

I already joined Soul Cycle and I love it! I want to try the Equinox in 92nd st and Broadway. Could you help with a trial pass? Thanks in advance! Hi- I would love to tryout the SoHo location and your article gave me the push to finally check it out. Can you send me a VIP pass? I would appreciate it if you could get me a pass for a trial just so I can get the feel for the gym. Thank you for a terrific article.

I very excited at the possibility of experiencing an equinox experience. I would be very thankful if you would forward me the trial membership for Equinox. Thank you very much. In my previous post I forgot to mention the location I am looking to visit. I would like to try out the Soho NYC location.

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Hi there- I was hoping to try out the 63rd st manhattan location. Is this still possible? Thanks so much! Hi I was wondering if I could get a trial pass for the irvine california location? I just moved here and looking for a good gym. Very informative. I am seriously considering joining and would love a referral trial pass for the Palo Alto Equinox in California. Do let me know if you are still doing these? I am interested in getting a vip trial pass to the equinox in palo alto, ca.

Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you. Such useful information!! Thanks for the great tips.

8 Ways to Save on a Gym Membership

Thanks for the insights! Wondering if you could recommend a trial for the Kensington London location? Hi, thanks for the tips! Hi, thanks for the post. Thanks for sharing your insights about Equinox. Hi, thank you for the info. Thank you! The 19th St Equinox is a short hop away from Bluestone […]. Hey Thank you so much for sharing this! I would be really grateful if I could get a trial pass for the Bryant park equinox! Thanks a lot!! Hi Sher! I stumbled across this post and loved what you have to share : I was just looking into trying out the Equinox in Tribeca.

If you still can, I would love to try the VIP trial you mention in order to really find out whether Equinox is for me.

New York Sports Club members say gym is scamming them: suit

I would like to take you up on your offer of a viptrial pass for the equinox at preston hollow in dallas. If the option is still up for a VIP trial pass, please let me know. Hi Sheri! Loved your post. Thank you for all the great info! I am debating between joining the 92nd location by home and the Bryant Park location by work. Is it possible to request a VIP pass to both at different times to get a feel for which one I prefer?

Thank you so much for your generosity! I am visiting Los Angeles from May , Can I get a pass for the West LA location please?

Hi Sheri, Loved your post. I live a few blocks away from the Sports Club New York and would love to try out the facility. Hi Sheri, this was very informative.

Thank you for all the tips. I was wondering if I could get a day pass for my husband and myself…. Hi again Sheri! Might he be able do do a VIP pass for Brooklyn heights? That would be amazing.. Thank you for being so kind. Great post, very informative. If you would be able to obtain a vip pass for Santa Monica, I would be greatly appreciative! Hi ive been looking into the old reebok club on Columbus in manhattan. Can you send me a pass?

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Caroll Williams Thank you. Hi Sheri, Super helpful article. My email address is Katie. Great blog! Great website. Do you know if they offer monthly memberships or if you have to contract for a full year at a time? Could you send me a pass for the 19th street location in NYC? Hi Gabby — sure thing, just sent you an invite. Can you please get me a VIP trial pass for Equinox? Hello, I would like to try a trial membership at Equanox but need a referal. Can you help? Thank you and please carouse my blog :. We are considering joining and would be nice to test it out for the month.

Interested in the equinox trial pass! Please let me know if you are able to refer me. Hi there! I am looking to get a pass for the Bethesda, Maryland location, just outside of DC. I would be interested in trying out the Palo Alto location. I would really appreciate it if you could give me a referral link. Hi, I would love to check out the Palo Alto Equinox location. If you could give me a referral I would be much obliged.

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I am planning to join the Columbus Circle Equinox and would love a referral and trial pass. Thank you so much! I am planning to join the Santa Monica Equinox and would love a referral and trial pass. Sent this last week, but have not heard back. Are you still sending the trial passes? Thank you,. I live near one in Hawthorne, CA so not sure if your pass will work. If you think it will please send it to me. Thanks, courtney. Thanks, Rowan. Could you possibly get me a trial pass to The Chatham NJ location? I was wondering if you would be able to help me get a trial membership to the 43rd street Equinox at 5th ave!

I would be so incredibly grateful since I am considering joining once I get a few more paychecks under my belt! This blog is extremely helpful! Greatly appreciated! That would be great! Thanks for being so generous! Sure Steve. Just let me know the full names and emails of the two people who would like referral passes. Do you mind sending me a referral pass?

I would love to try out this gym before committing to a year. Hi, Thank you for the tips. She thank you for the information. If possible could I get a pass to equinox in Glendale, Ca for me and my husband. As others expressed before spending the money on a full membership I would like to try and see if we have a good fit. Also do you know how much it is for a full year and if there is a discount if you pay in full? Thank you again for the wonderful information. Hi Maria — sure, please let me know both of your full names and emails so that I can send you a pass.

Hi Fraser — sure thing. Please let me know your full name and email address so I can send you a pass. First, your post was very informative so thank you for that! I was hoping you would be able to send me a referral to Equinox for the Columbus circle location! And for the future do you recommend any location as the best? You made a great case for it, and I recently took a job across the street from the location. My name is in my email. Can you get me and my roommate passes to the new Huntington Beach, CA club? My girlfriend is living in London for an extended period and is looking for a good gym.

I am interested in joining the equinox Los angeles club in Westwood. Would love a referral and the best possible deal you can help me with. I am a returning member — went in over the weekend and didnt find the welcome back spirit in the membership advisor who helped me so I left.

I would love to experience a trial pass if the offer for your referral is still available. Thank you for posting some very useful and helpful information!

Thanks for all the helpful info. I would like to try out the West Hollywood location on a guest pass. How long do the guest passes last? Hi, Sher. Thank you, would really appreciate it! Great tips love! I always hear Equinox is amazing and worth all the talk, really need to check it out in person sometime! Erica it totally is!! If you ever want to get a free pass to check it out, let me know.

Can you help me get a trial? Great blog and thank you for sharing referrals with us all. Thanks in advance. Before I shell out all this money for something I can probably only use about 8 days a month, I want to make sure I like the gym. Do you have any guest passes you could share with me? Hi great post. I came across it while looking for a guest pass to guns in the NYC area.

Can you help me get a guest pass to the 92nd street Equinox in NYC? Really appreciate it! Thanks for posting this. I would love to try Equinox. Can you share a guest pass with me for the Dumbo location in Brooklyn? Thanks again! OMG is it too late to try the Equinox on 44th Street?!?!? My fiance and I share an email can you send a pass for tonight — I really want to get started and what name should I say is referring me?

I would be really interested in the free trial with a referral from you!