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The building measured 28 feet 8. The success of White Castle led to numerous imitators. Restaurants copied the distinctive architecture of White Castle buildings, as well as created confusion for consumers by using a similar name. The first of these imitators in Wichita was Little Kastle. Many competitors created their names with a play on the White Castle name.

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Despite all the competition, none of the competitors were able to match the success of White Castle. Anderson is credited with the invention of the hamburger bun [14] as well as "the kitchen as assembly line, and the cook as infinitely replaceable technician," [15] hence giving rise to the modern fast-food phenomenon.

Due to White Castle's innovation of having chain-wide standardized methods, customers could be sure that they would receive the same product and service in every White Castle restaurant. Since fast food was unknown in the United States at the time of White Castle's founding, there was no infrastructure to support the business, as is common with today's fast-food restaurants. The company established centralized bakeries, meat supply plants, and warehouses to supply itself.

It was said that the only things that they did not do themselves were raise the cows and grow their own wheat. Ingram developed a device to produce previously unheard of paper hats. In , Ingram set up a subsidiary, Paperlynen, to produce these hats and other paper products used in his restaurants as well as for many other purposes.

Ingram decided the central office should be in the center of the distribution area. To accommodate this, in , the central office was relocated to Columbus, Ohio. In the same year, Ingram decided to close all of the restaurants in the two smallest-profit markets Wichita and Omaha. In , Paperlynen produced over 42 million paper hats worldwide with more than 25, different inscriptions.

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The company also began publishing its own internal employee magazine, the White Castle Official House Organ , circa November it was originally named The Hot Hamburger. The bulk of the material was contributed by company personnel and consisted mostly of letters and photographs of workers, promotional announcements, year milestones, retirements, and similar items of interest arranged by geographic area. Ingram's business savvy not only was responsible for White Castle's success but for the popularization of the hamburger.

In , Anderson sold his half of the Business to Ingram, and the following year the company moved its corporate headquarters to Columbus, Ohio. Co-founder Billy Ingram was followed as head of the firm by his son E.

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Ingram, Jr. Ingram III.

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In , White Castle expanded into new markets for the first time since the s. The company closed the Florida operations in due to inefficient supply distribution. Throughout its existence, White Castle has been a private company and relied on company-owned stores. It remains privately held today, and its restaurants are all company owned; none are franchised. Between five and 10 stories have been chosen each year, with a grand total of 64 stories selected through the induction class.

Starting in , a White Castle on Long Island has become a frequent setting for challenges on the show Impractical Jokers , during which the contestants pose as cashiers, drive-thru workers and janitors. The Ingram family's steadfast refusal to franchise or take on debt throughout the company's existence has kept the chain relatively small, with a more discontinuous geography than its principal competitors. The exceptions are a significant smattering of outlets in the New York metropolitan region, three locations in Nevada, and two in Shanghai.

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By comparison, there are over 36, McDonald's locations globally, with approximately 14, of those in the United States. Some locations are also cobranded with Church's Chicken.

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Louisville and Columbus also house bulk-manufacturing grocery-store sales, meat and bun production divisions. On the first day of business, demand for food was so great that the restaurant had to temporarily close for two hours to restock.

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He was not aware of any similar closing because of demand in White Castle's year history. The first non-licensed White Castle location in the western United States is scheduled to open in Scottsdale, Arizona in late In September , White Castle began to offer Veggie Sliders with dairy-free buns to provide a vegan option. In , White Castle began offering meat-free Impossible Burgers designed to closely mimic the flavor and texture of beef burgers. White Castle also markets its sandwiches in hamburger boxes, called a Crave Case. The Laughing Noodle concept was discarded a few years later.

Although White Castle originated in Wichita, Kansas , the city has not had a branch since , nor is there a White Castle restaurant in the entire state of Kansas. White Castle is one of the few restaurant chains that does not have a location in its original city.

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